Büyük Ada Greek Orphanage opened in May 1903 with the presence of Greek Patriarch 3rd Ioakim and Ottoman Emperor Sultan Abdulhamit.

In the time of it's service the orphanage had been a kind host to many people; Greek migrants, Russians that escaped from the Bolshevik Revolution and the German soldiers during World War I. Also for a short period of time it became the military school for the Turkish government.

The orphanage got evacuated in 1960 and it's closed since then.

It's the europe's largest wooden monoblock structure, but it's rotting since the evacuation because of the discordance of the land register. Turkish government claims that it's Turkish property and the Greek government claim the opposite.

We don't know who is right or wrong but we think that it's not an excuse to allow this beautiful building to rot day by day.

Melis Çinarsoy & Isidan Sahin